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A person using VR wearable device

VR Escape Rooms

Immerse yourself in a world of towering dragons, a futuristic space station, an eerie haunted manor, and more!  With our Virtual Reality rooms, up to five players are all connected to the same server and can free roam together in the imaginary world of your choice.   You can see each other and hand things to each other in the 20'  x 20' free roam arena.   Multiple players are a must as the rooms often have puzzles requiring multiple players to do different actions at the same time. 


We offer two VR spaces with up to five players in each room.  If you bring more than five players, we will split your group into two groups to play.  We even offer competition style where we can put both teams into our rooms and start the same game at the same time to see who can escape the fastest!

The VR games do not cause motion sickness as the room is stationary and the players free roam around the room.  (Runaway Train is the only one that may cause issues as it takes place on a moving train.)

45 minutes

$35 | Per Person

2-10 players

Difficulty varies across the games

Our Games

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